Polymer, Paper, & Food Packaging Research Services For Industry Partners


To conduct industry relevant research and develop solutions focusing on design, safety, and function of materials for packaging and industrial applications.


The Iowa State Polymer and Food Protection Consortium serves industry through fundamental and applied research and maintains an active program of knowledge and technology transfer to industry partners.


  • Characterization of polymeric materials for safety and compliance
  • Packaging optimization
  • Sustainability, cost, and performance analysis of polymer, fiber/paper, and composite materials
  • Function, design and optimization of case-ready food products
  • Material selection and performance
  • Increase shelf-life and consumer safety
  • Packaging design


PFFC bench workThe Consortium is a leader in fundamental and industry-driven research, education, and training through the development of innovative materials, processes, and systems.

  • World-class analytical testing facilities
  • Rapid turnaround times on analytical testing
  • Joint venture between academia and industry
  • Emphasis on polymer and biobased polymers and coating design, cost, and direct-food-contact safety for food packaging
  • Fundamental and applied research with direct industry applications
  • Access to the next generation of highly skilled workforce and top-quality students and postdocs